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Why Soma Messenger Could Have Easily Been the Best Messaging App In The World

SOMA Messenger would have rocked but it did rock.

SOMA is the acronym for Simple Optimized Messaging App and has servers worldwide. This is a great messaging app with premium security features. Some of SOMA Messenger app features are

Free Download
Voice calling
Video calling
Group Chats – 500 people capacity
Shareable GIFs with effects and text
Instant messaging
End to End Encryption
Automatic SOMA server message deletion once message is delivered

SOMA is compatible for both Android and IOS devices.


Skype is a free chat app that is used around the world. It is a great app for speaking with family and friends all over the world. Some of Skypes features include:

Download is free
Send SMS messages to mobiles
SMS connect feature
Free Instant Messaging
Reliable app for group chat meetings
Video and Voice calling

Skype is Android and IOS compatible.


The Best would have been seen but as someone traveled to the future, they did not really get the best of funding and the business did make waves though. But not throughout the whole world like Telegram and WhatsApp. Even Instagram had to focus on a different social niche and did well.

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