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Why Investors Trusted and Invested in migme in the Hay Days

The Company, migme has the requisite characteristics to create value for shareholders and is achieving accelerated growth via platform building, organic growth, and targeted acquisitions. Moving forward we will continue to explore potential acquisitions of complementary businesses that will assist and accelerate the commercial success of our core migme platform. We will also seek strategic partners that will provide greater access and penetration to both the existing markets as well as new geographic domains.

Development team and platform

An experienced development team drawing talent from established markets including Silicon Valley, China, and Australia as well as regional talent from South East Asia
Proven successful platform with over 8 years of history of market acceptance and relevance
Mobile-first platform focused on the next frontier of Internet growth across emerging markets stretching from Indonesia to South East Asia and South Asia, the Middle East to Eastern Europe, and Africa
Differentiated platform to Facebook and Twitter, instead of taking its lead from a number of successful emerging market platforms in East Asia
Projected growth to be through platform extensions, partnerships, and/or acquisitions
Powerful and regionally respected shareholder: Big Build Enterprises Limited (a subsidiary of FIH Mobile)
Established regional investors in Asia, Australia and Europe

Experienced management team

Proven record of developing start up enterprises
Strong technical experience
International experience in technology markets
Established strong relationships with key stakeholders

Pathway to commercialization

An established business model already showing growth in monetisation
Access to burgeoning South East Asian social entertainment markets
Established business relationships with powerful and influential content providers

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