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The Ultimate listed Alltime Best Chat Apps on AppStore in 2011

There are many chat apps in the AppStore that people download and use. They are available for IOS and Android users. These apps can also be downloaded to other electronic devices like laptops, desktops and tablets. Many of the communication apps have added benefits such as voice to video calling, free texting, file and photo sharing all while providing security encryption. Chat apps are one of the best ways to communicate with family, friends and co-workers. People all over the world have access to chat apps and the great thing is, most of them are free to download. Most of them are user-friendly. It is a great way to communicate and share information with family and friends.

Some of the Best Chat Apps


Used by millions of people this app may be the fastest messaging application on the market. Some of Telegrams features are:

  • Cloud History Storage
  • No limit on the Size of Files
  • Encryption is 256 bit symmetric AES
  • Compatible on mobile and desktop platforms
  • 2048 bit RSA Encryption
  • Diffie-Hellman Secure Key Exchange
  • Supports the use of GIFs and Stickers
  • Video and Photo Editing
  • Up to 100,000 people group chats
  • Free to Download
  • No Advertisement Pop Ups
  • Does Not Sell User Data

This App is both Android and IOS compatible.


This App is used worldwide and is owned by Facebook. This is the most popular chat app in the United States. WhatsApp uses WiFi or your phones internet connection to send messages and call friends and family. Some of the WhatsApp features include:

  • Free to Download
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Ability to Share photos, your location, documents, and contacts
  • Voice and Video calling
  • Group Chat
  • Always Logged In
  • Contacts Quick Connect
  • Set Custom Wallpapers
  • Messages Saved While Offline
  • Chat History
  • Set Custom Notification Sounds
  • Send and receive messages right from your computer’s browser
  • End to End Encryption
  • No International Charges to send messages
  • Voice Messages
  • Supports the use of GIFs

This App is both Android and IOS compatible.

Facebook Messenger

Messaging facebook family and friends is very convenient with Facebook’s unique separate messaging app. Your Facebook contacts will be automatically populated with the option of adding additional contacts or the ability to allow others to add you as a contact. Some of Facebook Messenger features include:

  • Free to Download
  • User Friendly
  • Sticker and GIF Friendly
  • Voice and Video calling
  • Share location and files
  • Send money
  • Have a Secret conversation that is totally encrypted

Facebook Messenger is both Android and IOS compatible.

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is a data, efficient messaging app. The app installs fast and only uses under 10MB to download. Messenger Lite uses less data than the full FaceBook Messenger version. Features include:

Free calling
Video Chat
Group Chat

Messenger Lite is compatible on both IOS and Android devices.


This extremely popular app has more than 1 billion worldwide users. Some of Vibers features include:

  • Automatically adds Contacts
  • Send text messages
  • Send stickers
  • Send emoticons
  • Voice and Video calling
  • Photo Sharing
  • Group Chats
  • Self Destructing Chats
  • Viber Out long distance discount rate calling
  • Free Viber to Viber calling
  • Dark Mode

Viber is both Android and IOS compatible.


Signal has one of the highest levels of security and encryption. Encryption for messaging and voice calls is military grade. Some of Signals features include:

Text messaging
Voice calling
Group messages
Media attachment sending
Highestlevel of encryption security

Signal is compatible for both Android and IOS devices.


SnapChat is not quite as popular as it once was. Some of SnapChats features include:

Text messaging
Photo and Video Sharing
Self destructing photos and videos
Funny Filters for Video Snaps
Photo Editing
See what friends are up to and what’s happening in your area
Realtime Snap Chatting

SnapChat is available for both Android and IOS users.


This is primarily a group chat site, however, you can also have individual one on one conversations through direct messages. It is owned by Microsoft. If privacy is an issue for you, you may want to choose a different app. Some of the GroupMe features include:

GroupMe is compatible for both Android and IOS devices.

Add up to 500 members in a group chat
Add people by phone number or email
U.S. residents can chat via SMS
Share images
Share Videos
Share GIFs
Has a Unique set of Emoji
Limited Encryption


One of the leading online activities is mobile communications through chat apps. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram are the most downloaded chat apps in the United States. WhatsApp alone had more than 70 million downloads worldwide from the Google play store. Snapchat is also extremely popular in the United States. It is a multimedia messaging system with many fun features that is popular with the teen generation. Teens are very up to date with new technologies and are mobile device savvy. It is very rare to see a teenager without a phone in their hand. 92% of teens use their mobile devices to access the internet every day. Teenagers are also social media addicts. They tend to spend hours chatting with family and friends, preparing posts on various sites. The largest social network in the world is FaceBook. Many teens that use FaceBook also have Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts.

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