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The Intro to The migme Journey Relationship Blog

Today we’re proud to announce that we are now migme. With this change, we’re now focused on building great services for mobile smartphones (such as Android), and the desktop Web.

Other smartphone clients will be released later in the year. Older J2ME clients will still be able to connect to the service until the end of the year, but they will need to update to a new client to continue using the service beyond 2014, which will also be released later in the year.

When we founded mig33 in 2006, Symbian and J2ME mobile devices largely served the mobile Internet. While some first world markets then moved to smartphones more quickly, we knew that many countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa still used feature phones. During this time, we’ve built a vibrant community and fostered many friends with our members. We launched a gaming platform and whilst many users did try our games, the limitations of J2ME devices made it difficult to provide anything more than simple page based-games.

It’s now 2014, and the world has changed. Smartphones are now abundant and the amount of choice for mobile features is substantially higher than for feature phones. There are now many social networks, chat, messaging and gaming services in the market.

We have chosen to become a fan based, social entertainment platform with the transition to migme. With this, there is a new focus on the blogging profile where you can interact to find friends to chat safely and build your community.

We will be bringing you more celebrities, content, competitions and games, as we partner with other media companies to make migme a broad, open platform. This then makes it easier for app. developers to create genuine apps for migme. Also artists of all forms (including musicians, actors, actresses, bloggers, and many others) will be able to build meaningful fan bases. The chat and chatrooms features will continue to evolve, as we’re not leaving these behind.

This new platform will enable us to bring thousands of artists and media partnerships online, bring in hundreds of games and other apps, and make migme a truly fun place to be.

We’re excited about the future and look forward to sharing it with you all.

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